From Date : 22 Jun 2020
To Date : 27 Jun 2020
Total No. Of Days : 6
Time : 4 PM
MODULE 1 OF THE PERCEPTIVE & COGNITIVE TEACHER - A Foundation Course in Specific Learning Disorder. 
Duration: 6 Days - Monday 22 June to Saturday 27 June 2020 Synchronous Sessions: 4 pm to 5 pm all days
Fee: Member – Rs 2000/-; Non-Member – Rs 3000/- 
1. Dyslexia and Other Learning Disorders
2. Importance of Early Identification and Intervention
3. Classroom Support, Scaffolding and Management Strategies
4. RPWD Act 2016 & Accommodations in High Stakes Examinations
5. Case Studies

Key Learning Outcomes: After attending this Module, participants will be able to: • Differentiate between Dyslexia and associated Learning Disorders. • Identify students with learning difficulties in the classroom and around them. • Provide adequate classroom scaffolding and directives outside of it. • Build awareness and empathy around them, and acceptance in the struggling students. • Analyze specific cases and illustrate how they will help and support these students in the classroom and elsewhere. How does this work? MDA has developed a uniquely participatory digital learning experience termed 'Learning Circle’ for its various online programmes. These enable facilitation of teacher training through an innovative, collaborative and digitally-blended training medium that is gaining momentum the world over. Daily Synchronous Sessions of an hour each will see experts from MDA and participants logging in and interacting together. Unlike conventional trainers, experts from MDA will play the role of facilitators who take each participant down a path to help resolve their teaching challenges. Asynchronous Sessions will entail participants logging in to the platform at their own convenience to access reading material, independently engage in discussions with peers, post queries for our experts to answer, share research on topics, analyse case studies, and complete quizzes, polls and surveys. In this sense, the Learning Circle as a medium is a departure from the classic Webinar or online workshop format. It ensures effective two-way communication, peer learning and discussions, and resolving of specific problems with sustained guidance.

What is the Duration of this Learning Circle?
This Learning Circle is of 6 days with specified times for the Synchronous Sessions interspersed
with Asynchronous Sessions that can be completed at the convenience of the participants.

Who are the experts from MDA?
The CEO of MDA, Ms Masarrat Khan, who has an invaluable experience of more than three
decades in the area of Learning Disabilities.
Ms Masarrat Khan holds Master's degrees in Clinical Psychology and English Literature from
Mumbai University, and is a Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Specialist and Certified Academic
Language Therapist.
Ms Diya Basu, Senior Psychologist at MDA, with more than a decade of experience.
Ms Diya Basu holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. She conducts assessments, trains
interns, and supervises junior psychologists. She also conducts workshops on various topics
related to the field.

Participants who complete all sessions will receive a participation certificate.