Date : 01 Sep 2014
Source : MDA

THE FEUERSTEIN INSTRUMENTAL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM [FIE] is based on the work of internationally renowned Israeli Psychologist Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, whose work with children affected by the Holocaust resulted in the setting up of the International Centre for the Enhancement of the Learning Potential. IE is an intervention program designed to modify the cognitive structure of students, in classrooms and individually with diverse populations ranging from low functioning performers to gifted underachievers, adult populations in industrial settings and continuing education. The program aims at correcting deficient cognitive functions and enhancing the individual’s capacity to learn more effectively from direct exposure in formal as well as informal learning situations.

Instrumental Enrichment for Young Children (IE-BASIC I) introduces a series of mostly non-verbal instruments to be used with younger children or children with low performance level, including:

ü  Program goals and methods of application. 

ü  Ways of attending to the development of basic cognitive functions, verbal and conceptual tools, spatial and temporal concepts and representational activities.

ü  Methods of promoting reflective thinking and internal motivation, and the development of the child’s feeling as a generator of information rather than a passive reproducer of information;

ü  Practice in new instruments adapted to the early stages of child development.


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Date   :  29th September 2014 to 3rd October 2014

Time: :   9am – 5pm

Venue:  Maharashtra Dyslexia Association, Joseph Cardijn Technical School, Gate No 2, Kashabha Jadhav Marg, Dadar (E), Mumbai 400014. ( behind St Paul’s school & Church ).