From Date : 22 Jun 2019
To Date : 22 Jun 2019
Total No. Of Days : 1
Time : 10 AM

The workshop will cover the following topics .

1. Overview of the key features of a Psycho-Educational Report.

2. Understanding the key areas to be assessed for the diagnosis of Specific 

    Learning Disorders in the light of DSM 5.

3. Interpretation of Test Scores (Standard Scores, Scaled Scores, Percentile         Ranks)

4. Discussing a sample report.

5. Insight into the rationale behind the diagnosis and the accommodations             requested in the light of DSM 5.


Venue: Dadar Centre

Cost: Rs. 2000/-

Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Limited seats . To register email to for the registration form and payment details.