The Maharashtra Dyslexia Association promotes the rights of people with Learning Disabilities to an appropriate education within the mainstream. It is committed to working with government authorities, schools, teachers, parents and individuals towards inclusion of people with diverse talents, abilities and needs in the mainstream learning environment. MDA Resource Rooms across Mumbai offer information, counselling, assessment and remedial services for students with Dyslexia and their families. MDA also offers a variety of training programmes for therapists, teachers and parents.

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Dyslexia Therapist Training Programme
Due to popular demand, we are now launching the Dyslexia Therapist Training Programme in Noida, in collaboration with Empowerkidz! . . .
Starts On : 29 June 2017
Last Date : 13 July 2017


People with dyslexia have other brain differences too, study finds
 People with the reading disability dyslexia may have brain differences that are surprisingly wide-ranging, a new study suggests. Using specialized  ........
22 December 2017
MDA launches its first newsletter
MDA is pleased to announce the launch of  its first e newsletter which will be a quarterly update on news at MDA and in general the latest happenings in the field. If you would like to receive quarterly updates about our work and about the sector, click here to subscri ........
01 September 2016

For Kids

Hi! Great you found us. Dyslexia means "problem with words". It means that your brain finds it hard to learn to read, write and spell ...

For Parents

Welcome and thank you for coming to our website. As a parent probably of a child with dyslexia, you will have concerns and questions ...

For Professionals

We extend a warm welcome to you. As a professional working in the educational system, you will be aware of the growing need to understand ...